Correctional Medical Group Companies (“CMGC”) provides comprehensive medical and behavioral healthcare services to corrections facilities throughout the United States through a family of regionally-focused companies. Each regional operating company focuses on meeting the unique needs of its market, ensuring we provide responsive service to our corrections partners and care to our patient / inmate customers. This is accomplished by a careful combination of local leadership, autonomy, service and stewardship with national scale, systems, resources and best practices. The first CMGC member, California Forensic Medical Group (“CFMG”), was founded in 1983 and serves almost 90% of California’s outsourced counties. Southwest Correctional Medical Group (“SWCMG”), Northwest Correctional Medical Group (“NWCMG”), Southeast Correctional Medical Group (“SECMG”) and Midwest Correctional Medical Group (“MWCMG”) serve counties across the United States living by a simple code: ​Always Do the Right Thing. CMGC’s enduring success is built on a passionate commitment to its patients and its county partners.

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