Investment Overview


  • "Effectively managing a company through a period of rapid growth presents many challenges.It helps greatly to have an experienced co-pilot, such as H.I.G., who's been there before and knows what it takes to successfully make the transition."

    Robert Taylor

  • "Republic Industries had been approached by potential suitors repeatedly over the years. We were not looking to sell the business. Rather, we were looking to bring in a partner who understood our business and could help us maximize its potential and take it to the next level. Personal chemistry, trust, and a common vision of the future were therefore essential. H.I.G. was the ideal match for us."

    Gene Ponder
    Republic Industries

  • "H.I.G. has been an outstanding partner and supporter for us at Agere from day one, and all the way until we sold our company to Lucent, creating phenomenal value for everyone involved. H.I.G. has contributed meaningfully to our success. One of H.I.G.'s greatest attributes is their thorough understanding of our market and its dynamics, and their willingness and ability to provide strategic insight."

    Ford Tamer

  • "H.I.G. brings an active approach and deep skill set to difficult turnarounds, but they also know how to work with a company once it starts growing again. In particular, their commitment to management and the level of mutual trust that results is incredibly valuable in messy situations. I am very pleased to be partnering with H.I.G. for a second time."

    Steve Schienkman
    Innovative Building Systems

  • "Several years ago when PMSI and H.I.G. first embarked on a very critical journey, I was skeptical to work with a private equity firm. However, my experience with H.I.G. from day one was extremely positive. H.I.G. was genuinely concerned about the morale and well-being of our associates and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with the team at H.I.G."

    Betsy Irizarry
    Chief Human Resources Officer